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Dental Clinics
New York City Socialist aldermanic dele-
gation-Bureau of investigation and re-
search. Outline of data on school dental
clinics. N. Y. 1918. 7p.       373.122N48o
Disorderly Conduct
House, Frederick B. Application of the law
of disorderly conduct to illegal public
speaking and the distribution of improper
printed matter. N. Y. 1917. 16p.
'This pamphlet is not intended as a thorough
legal discussion of the question of a free press
and of free speech. It is intended as a partial
aid to the City magistrates and the police au-
thorities in dealing with the present condition
in the city of New York respecting public speak-
ing and the distribution of a certain class of
printed matter.''
Wyer, Samuel S. Digest of publications of
Bureau of standards on electrolysis of un-
derground structures caused by the disin-
tegrating action of stray electric currents
from   electric railways.   Columbus, 0.
1918. 96p.                        481.4W99
Pamphlet distributed by the TJ. S. Bureau of
Eminent Domain
Great Britain-Reconstruction, Ministry of
-Committee on the acquisition of land
for public purposes. Report dealing with
the law and practice relating to the ac-
quisition and valuation of land for pub-
lic purposes.   Lond. 1918.    57p.
This report recommends a simplification of the
system of land condemnation preparatory to the
undertaking after the war by    governmental
agencies of many activities which before the war
were carried on by private enterprise.
MacGregor, Ford H. Municipal coal yards.
Madison, 1918. 21p. (Wisconsin univer-
sity-Extension division, municipal refer-
ence bul. no 4)                   455.8M17
Providence, R. I.-Council-Joint commit-
tees on finance and health. Report rela-
tive to investigation on the question of
the disposal of garbage and ashes. Provi-
dence, 1917. 10p.                  484.1P94
This investigation was made with particular
reference to the war situation, which means les-
sened garbage and an increased cost of machinery
and construction.
Brown, Udetta D. Houses of Amsterdam,
N. Y.; with some notes on the prevalence
of tuberculosis. [Amsterdam, N. Yj 1917.
61p.                            331.83lAm8

. Investigation and report made for the Amster-
dam committee on tuberculosis of the State char-
ities  aid  association.
Woodruff, Clinton Rogers. Municipal meas-
ures for better housing. Texas municipal-
ities, far. 1918.           331.83W86
Richardson, Robert E. Selection and super-
vision of janitors. American school board
jour. May, 1918.                371.33Z
Magdsick, H. H. Effective application of
protective lighting. (in Electrical world,
June 15, 1918, p. 1268-72.
How to establish rural express routes with
trucks to haul fresh foods. Commercial
vehicle, May 15, 1918.         382.5C73
Bronson, Wesley H. Cost of milk produc-
tion in Massachusetts. Amherst, 1918.
20p. (Massachusetts agricultural college,
extension bul. no 19)         614.32B78
Clement, Clarence E. and Warber, G. P.
Market milk business of Detroit, Mich.,
in 1915. Wash. 1918. 28p. (U. S.-Agri-
culture, Dept of, bul. no 639) 614.32C59m
Milwaukee Departmental Reports
Milwaukee, Wis.-Fire department. Report.
Mothers' Pensions
Huestis, Mrs. Archibald M. Mothers' pen-
sions vs. provincial aid for children. Cana-
dian public health jour. April, 1918.
Fitch, John A. For value received: discus-
sion of industrial pensions. Survey, May
25, 1918.                      362.6F55
New Jersey chamber of commerce. Police,
firemen's and other local employees' pen-
sion systems in New Jersey. N. J. state
research, Feb. 1918, supplement section 3,
consecutive no 11.           351.8N46p
Rietz, H. L. Pensions for public employees.
American political science review, May,
1918.                        . 351.8R44
Public Health
Wile, Ira S. Public health publicity and
education through public schools. Amer-
ican jour. of public health, May, 1918.



Public Works
Sullivan, Thomas F. Placing Boston's pub-
lic works on a business basis. Boston cur-
rent affairs, June 17, 1918.      450Z
Fawcett, Waldon. Purchasing by allocation.
Purchasing agent, May, 1918. 453.5F28p
Trounstine, Helen S. and Hart, Hornell.
Retardation in Cincinnati public elemen-
tary schools. Cin. 1918. 44p. (Helen S.
Trounstine foundation, studies, no 1)
Allen, Kenneth. Development of sewage
treatment. Municipal engineering, June,
1918.                          483AL5s
State Administration
Schurtz, Shelby B.   State public service
commission idea. [Grand Rapids, Mich.
1917] 19p.                    354.2Sch8
Address delivered before the League of Mich-
igan municipalities, June, 1917.
Street Lighting
Dunklin, Gilbert T. Saving coal by efficient
street lighting. American city, June, 1918.
Jourdan, F. M. Some hints on economical
and ornamental street lighting. Munic-
ipal engineering, June, 1918.    498J82
Street Railways
Milwaukee electric railway and light com-
pany vs. City of Milwaukee. Brief of the
city of Milwaukee in the matter of the
petition of T. M. E. R. & L. Co. for an
order prescribing rates of fares and limits
of zones and a modification of orders ef-
fecting service and for other relief. Milw.
[19181  77p.                  388.1M64
Before the Railroad commission of Wisconsin.
Rhode Island- Legislature - Special com-
mission for the investigation of the affairs
of the Rhode Island company. Report.
Providence, 1918. 69p.          388.1R3
United States-District of Columbia, Com-
mittee on, House. Municipal ownership
of street railways in the District of Co-
lumbia. Wash. 1918. 26p. (65th cong.
2d sess. H. R. no 410)        388.5W27
Report accompanies H. R. 289.
Basic principles in the making of a salary
schedule for teachers. American school
board jour. Mar. 1918.       372.5Evlb

Outline of fundamental facts upon which the
Evanston, Ill., Teachers' committee based its
recommendations for a salary schedule.
Salaries of teachers and the cost of living.
School and society, May 25, June 1, 8, 15,
1918.                           372.5Sch6
Compilation based on a questionnaire sent to
the superintendents of schools of cities over
Teachers' Pensions
New Jersey chamber of commerce. Teach-
ers' retirement systems in New Jersey:
their fallacies and evolution, pt. 1. N. J.
state research, Feb. 1918, supplement sec-
tion 3, consecutive no 10.      372.6N46
Newsholme, Arthur. Relations of tubercu-
losis to war conditions with remarks on
some aspects of the administrative con-
trol of tuberculosis. Lancet, Oct. 20, 1917.
Typhoid Fever
Spalding, Heman, and Bundesen, Herman N.
Control of typhoid fever in Chicago.
American jour. of public health. May,
1918.                          614.44Spl.
Vocational Guidance
Delaney, Edward C. School boys who pay.
Survey, May 25, 1918.          374.26D37
Article describes employment out of school
hours of N. Y. city high school pupils.
War Chests
Kenosha plan for raising war relief fund.
Kenosha, Wis. [1918]
Why and how of the Elgin patriot's fund
for war relief. Elgin, Ill. 1918
Waste Utilization
Waste paper collection: what the local au-
thorities are doing. London    municipal
jour. Feb. 15, 1918.             484.3L84
Water Purification
Jennings, C. A. Some results secured by
chlorine compounds in water purification
and sewage treatment. Municipal engi-
neering, June, 1918.          481.541J44c
Workmen's Homes
Allen, Leslie H. Industrial housing prob-
lems. Bost. 1917. 31p.       331.835AL5i
Pamphlet published by the Aberthaw construc-
tion company.
United States-Industrial housing and trans-
portation, Bureau of. Standards recom-
mended for permanent industrial housing
developments. Wash. 1918. 15p. (U. S.
-Labor, Dept of, bul.)          331.835X1