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Argentum (3rd : 1995 : Washington, D.C.)
The 3rd international conference proceedings : Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment : Washington, D.C., August 6-9, 1995
[Madison, Wisconsin]: University of Wisconsin System, Sea Grant Institute
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312 pages : illustrations, maps ; 28 cm

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  3. Table of contents
  4. Argentum III
  5. Extended abstracts: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  6. Session 1: Behavior of silver in the water column
  7. Session 1: The occurrence and behavior of silver in natural waters / Andren, Anders W.; Wingert-Runge, Birgit; Sedlak, David
  8. Session 1: Effect of water quality parameters on silver availability / Cobb, G. P., et al.
  9. Session 1: Aqueous silver in the environment: conceptual / Kramer, James R.
  10. Session 1: Silver sorption by manganese oxide / Ravikumar, R.; Fuerstenau, D. W.
  11. Session 1: Silver binding to mixed metal sulfides / Adams, Nicholas W. H.; Kramer, James R.
  12. Session 2
  13. Session 2: The toxicity of silver in fresh and marine waters / Wood, Chris, et al.
  14. Session 2: Silver, copper, cadmium, dissolved organic carbon and fish / Playle, Richard, et al.
  15. Session 2: Influence of water quality parameters on silver toxicity: preliminary result / Klaine, S. J., et al.
  16. Session 2: The comparative toxicity of silver to aquatic biota / Birge, W. J.; Zuiderveen, J. A.
  17. Session 2: The effects of salinity on the acute toxicity of silver to marine fish / Ferguson, Elizabeth A., et al.
  18. Session 3: Environmental cycling, distribution and analytical chemistry
  19. Session 3: Chemical interactions of toxic metals with sedimentary sulfide minerals near the sediment-water interface of anoxic marine sediments / Morse, John W.
  20. Session 3: Sampling and analytical techniques for silver in natural waters / Shafer, M. M.
  21. Session 3: Matrix effects on the measurement of active silver by anodic stripping voltammetry / Dao, Phat T.; Robillard, Kenneth A.; Schildkraut, Deniz E.
  22. Session 3: Preconcentration and voltammetric measurement of silver ion (I) at a chemically modified carbon paste electrode / Song, Shihua; Fedkiw, Peter S.
  23. Session 3: A review of toxicity and epidemiological data for silver in animals and humans / Juberg, Daland R.
  24. Session 3: Factors affecting silver accumulation and metallothionein induction in freshwater fish / Galvez, F.; Hogstrand, C.; Wood, C. M.
  25. Session 3: Interaction of silver and metal chelators on Ceriodaphnia dubia survival and reproduction / Zuiderveen, Jeffrey A.; Birge, Wesley J.
  26. Session 3: Physiological effects of silver to seawater-acclimated rainbow trout / Hogstrand, Christer, et al.
  27. Session 4
  28. Session 4: Determination of thermodynamic stability constants of metals with natural ligands / Luther, George W., III; Lewis, Brent L.; Taylor, Steven W.
  29. Session 4: Phase partitioning of silver in river and estuarine waters of Texas / Santschi, P. H., et al.
  30. Session 4: Silver levels and partitioning in effluent-receiving streams, and a preliminary mass balance for silver in the Lake Michigan basin / Shafer, M. M.; Armstrong, D. E.; Overdier, J. T.
  31. Session 4: Silver in fresh water: sources, transport and fate in Connecticut rivers / Rozan, Tim F.; Hunter, Kim S.; Benoit, Gaboury
  32. Session 4: Silver loadings in sewage treatment plants and in the natural aquatic environment of Finland / Mukherjee, Arun B.; Lahermo, Pertti W.
  33. Session 4: Comparison of laboratory and field partitioning of silver in natural waters / Wingert-Runge, Birgit; Andren, Anders W.
  34. Session 5: Behavior of silver in sediments
  35. Session 5: Reactions of trace metals in lake sediments / Tessier, Andre
  36. Session 5: A comparison of sediment, water and food as sources of silver for marine bivalve molluscs / Fisher, Nicholas S.
  37. Session 5: The biogeochemistry of silver in an estuarine system / Benoit, Gaboury; Rozan, Tim F.
  38. Session 5: Silver in oyster tissue: relations to site selection and sampling size / Daskalakis, Kostas D.
  39. Session 5: Partitioning and effects of silver in amended freshwater sediments / Rodgers, John H., Jr.; Deaver, Emily; Rogers, Perry L.
  40. Session 5: Trends in Ag concentrations from sediment cores in San Francisco Bay / van Geen, Alexander; Bouse, Robin; Luoma, Samuel N.
  41. Session 5: The role of colloids in the transport of trace metals in the San Francisco Bay estuary / Sanudo-Wilhelmy, Sergio A.; Rivera-Duarte, Ignacio; Flegal, A. Russell
  42. Session 6
  43. Session 6: Effects of silver in sediments / Di Toro, D. M.
  44. Session 6: Silver in the waters of Narragansett Bay and New York Harbor / Hunt, Carlton D.
  45. Session 6: Uptake and release of silver from marine sediment / Crecelius, Eric; Phillips, Dana
  46. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in the water column
  47. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in the water column
  48. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in sediments
  49. Panel discussion: Regulation of silver in sediments
  50. Poster session: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  51. Poster session: Influence of temperature and thiosulphate on active and passive uptake of silver by rainbow trout / Janes, Nancy; Richards, Jeffrey; Playle, Richard
  52. Poster session: The physiological effects of acute silver exposure in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) / Morgan, I. J., et al.
  53. Participants: Transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  54. Participants: Third international conference on the transport, fate and effects of silver in the environment
  55. [Cover]