UNIVERITY OF WIScNIN 
                            COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 
                                  MADISON, WISCONSIN 
DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE MANA13EMENT                      424 University Farm
                                                        December 2, 1940

          Mr. Albert Hochbaum 
          Delta Duck Station 
          Delta, Manitoba, Canada 
          Dear Albert: 
          I am a little bit disturbed about M4r. Bell's letter, copies of

          which I am sending to Pirnie and Rowan. I, for one, am ready 
          to debate this departure with Mr. Bell. If, how:'ever, you are

          thoroughly convinced that you want to make some light experiments,

          I will, of course, go with you. 
          It seems to me that there are several good reasons why new ex-

          periments should not be made. The first is that there is; no 
          trained physiologist or endocrinologist on the ground. The second

          is that since Rowan's original work in this field, dozens of workers

          have entered it; the fact that lighting can produce premature re-

          production is well-known and needs no further proof. It is unlikel:-

          that any important new findings will follow except by more detailed

          physiological work than has heretofor been done. 
          Thirdly, if there is additional money, we could make better use
          it by pushing ventures alre'-dy undertaken and in providing a more

          ample travel allotment for you. 
          Of course, if you are really convinced that lighting experiments

          would be valuable in connection with your stud, of latitude, that

          might be a different story. Please let me have your real attitude,

          and send a copy of it to Rowan and Pirnie, after which I would
          to have their vote as to whether or not the advisory board should

          approve this departure.   I am not sending copies of this letter
          anyone except members of the advisory board and yourself. 
          Te dropped the mallard experiment because the program was already

          heavy enough. I doubt if we should load the program further at
                                       Yours sincerely, 
                                       Aldo Leopold 
                                       Professor of Wildlife 14anagement