The Foundation 
    The Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation, Inc., was established in 
  1930 by a group of American citizens who desire to enrich the life 
  and thought of the American people by making them better ac- 
  quainted with the cultural achievements of the German-speaking 
  peoples. It seeks to introduce into the life of America those things 
  which have been of greatest service to the Germans and which are 
  adaptable to American conditions. 
  The Foundation tries to make its contribution to America by 
  presenting to the people the best from Germany in the realms of: 
      1. Literature. 
      2. Outstanding Personalities. 
      3. Classic Examples of the Fine Arts. 
      4. Activities Concerned with the Public Welfare, such as 
        Forestry, Municipal Government, Housing, City Plan- 
        ning and Public Health. 
   Traveling book exhibits and activities in the realm of publishing 
 are meeting with widespread interest as interpreters of cultural 
 literature. The personality of an outstanding dramatic impersonator 
 and reader has given life to the literature and has developed an 
 understanding of the German-speaking peoples. 
 Outstanding Personalities 
   The Foundation brings to this country German men and women 
who are qualified to go before American audiences and share with 
them the benefits of German achievements and experiences. It has 
also given substantial aid to the development of student and profes- 
sorial exchange between the two countries. 
Classic Examples of the Fine Arts 
  Traveling exhibits of representative German Art, together with 
aid to museums and art galleries, bring to America fine examples of 
German cultural expression through art.