tnt of Wildlife Manasement 
                                            ersity Fm FPla*e 
                                            Madison, Wisconsin 
                                            Fbzruary 22, 19 r3 
Mr. J, Paul Miller 
Amerlwa Wildlife Institute 
Washington, D. C. 
Dear Pault 
Nothing was said about expense to the Minneapolis meeting of the Delta Board,

bt in the event that expense is to be paid, ny expenses were: 
     2/15  Pound trip ticket                         $15-13 
           Lower berth                                 3.25 
     2/19 Cab 350, bellhops & parcel check 50*           .-5 
           Lunch 1.00, dinner 1.25                     2.25 
     2/20  Brenkfast 6q*, lunch 850, dinner 1.50       2.95 
           Hotel roes, 1 day                           3.25 
           Cab 30wire 35,bellhop 2ýg 
     2/21 Porter i50 cab 25. 
                        Total.....                    $29.15 
I have yet to detect any defeot in the new set-up. I wonder why it didn't

occur to me long ago to abolish the Board (except as a certifier of publications).

There is, of course, still one loophole: Albert's being called to military

service. No doubt he is prepared with a stop-gap organiration. 
I am particularly pleased to have the active relationship with Cartwright.

The more I see him in action, the more I am convinced he has the makings.

He would be invaluable, too, in case Albert were called. No one else could

keep an eye on things. 
Distance, for one thing, made the Delta Board more hindrance than help. 
I wonder if the same isn't trae of the Technical Committee, at least in respect

of current affairs? Perhaps its only real function Is to consult with the

Fish and Wildlife Servies on broad long-term research policy questions. 
Now that field inspections are out, that function depends on Fish and Wildlife

Service            the questions. This it has never done (unless it did at

Denver). Hence the only way for the Committee to dig up questioue is via

grapevine, which is unpleasant and often embarrassing. 
Am I right in saying that F.W.L.S. should either use the Comittee or the

Institute should abolish it? 
This is personal, to get your slant, 
                                          Tours as ever, 
Aldo Leopold