315 West Gorham Street 
                 Madison, Wisconsin 
                                                       IN REPLY REFER TO

Mr. ALdo Leopold 
College of Agriculture 
Agricultural Hall 
Madison, Wisconsin 
Dear Aldo: 
In connection with the proposed trapping of snowshoe 
hares by Mr. Grange in no-tkern Minnesota and shipping 
them to New York and possibly Central Wisconsin, we 
would greatly appreciate having your view as to the 
advisability of the undertaking. 
Inasmuch as there are some snowshoe hares in Site II 
of the Central Wisconsin Area, it may be possible that 
the introduction of any considerable umber or of any 
for that matter from northern Minnesota might not be 
advisable first because of the possibility of bringing 
in disease and, second because northern Minnesota, 
through the introduction of western elk, has become 
more or less infested with the northern Rocky Mountain 
type of tick. Is it your opinion that there would be 
any danger in bringing rabbits from northern Minnesota 
to Central Wisconsin? Of course, there would be few 
if any ticks on the rabbits at this time of the year. 
                            Sincerely yours, 
                            W. T. Cox 
                            Regional Porester-Biologist 
                            Division of Lamd Utilization