area in the northern tier of counties in Wisconsin, that I frankly 
question that the results of extensive road development have been 
those desired and expected by numerous of the proponents thereof. 
        There is appended a brief memo, which has been relegated 
to a post-script, as being mainly collateral. 
        With much respect, I am 
                            Very truly yours, 
cc: To M-r. P. J. Iloffmaster, Direotlor 
       Departrnent of Conservation, 
       Lansing, Michigan 
P. S. 
        In the wild area referredt o near the close of the above 
letter, most of the lands were owned and cut by lumber and paper 
companies. Following the large-scale cuttings, there was a strong 
and successful demand for easy road communications, not infrequently 
motivated by the hope uf increased b siness. 
        Subsequent events were substantially as follows. The cutting 
of small, specul1tively held timber stands was facilitated by roads. 
Auto campers arrived in ntummbers, sorneties bringing their supplies 
with them. Lands were posted againsC trespas8; the long, portage- 
canoe tripX virtually vanished,  Accord!ng to the stateaments of 
various sui~er resort owners to me: (1) they experienced a chanrge 
in the character of their business, from farilies and others who 
caĆ½me for a whole sumer's vacation or for a week x t least, to 
transients and "housekeepers";   (2) auto campers roved a disap-

pointuent as a source of revenue; hence resort lands were posted 
als 0to protect their stocs of fish nnd game;    (3) eventually, in 
some instances, a b*r was installed -dc relied -on to carry expenses. 
Nion-native fish were introduced more or less coincidentally with 
road developrient. Followiog a brief period of increase, catches have 
subsequently declined. 
        In an earlier section of the above letter, I have stated that 
if the Porcupines area be opened wide with roads, something priceless 
will have been lost bo this whole, broad reg.on of our country: almost 
is it necessr, y to add, "the North Woods, in the senses hereinbefore

set forth." 
        For the enrichment of America, and as the devisement of this 
superb legacy to its children and their descendants, I should like 
to see a tablet raised in Porcupine hountains State Park, bearing