Jam~ary 9, 194g 
Ur. W1ter P. Taylor 
eas Coop. Wildlife Unit 
College Station, Texas 
Dear 4alt r: 
I have one eye temporarily ot of cOmission 
so I am unable to study the outlines, and for 
the swid reason it is entirely luulikely that 
I can do any writi   on &caonsin deer btwee-n 
now and the St. Louis ueetings, nor is it easy 
for me to viuali:e how W   other lndivi~hlu in 
tho group of co-authors culd do any wrltirn 
that quickly, however I will tzae it up with 
the other oo-authors and write you fuirther in 
the not far distant f   re. 
                         i'th perso  l r   rd, 
AL~pm ~lC~o Leopold