Erosion ,Wosium 
Aldo Leopold 
2. an in brash. 
3. mansanita, 
It  rowsed 
   Apache Fl'ume 
Of the Braghfield Rebion. As large as Wisconsin. 
Altitudes up to SO-0. Rainfall up t 20", winter & Jhly. Spriugs

dry. Indutriest yearlon    cattle, Winter dhep, Mines. Health. 
Irrgtion, Vegtation santy bt very rich in epcoies, inc. many 
nutritious plants. 
Erosion theory had its gwieeis in epeculations about brash. 
Oowmn   ay brash has 4taken te exmtry.   Tell how in 19901 on 
oertain msa could see a cow a mle; now have to hunt to fInd thn 
at all, Some fires ocourred in this brla; burning over about 
every 300 yars. Bad fire years in N,. had brouiht on a tre      us 
"drive" for fire control. The word drive then carried 'liberty
flWavr, The first rod-and-t-ail IniAing appropriation had been 
made. It was serrmasly proposed to build trails to allow cattle 
access to doeise brush. 
Dut range         nt research had also started. Beginning to see 
that cattle pressure was all on          species (like this); that 
unpalatable might actually be          ly grauing. Hence 
"conscientious objectors" to the oattle-firo logan began to be
from, and tese objectors l       t 
     Miis beginning of thought often lage far behind the beginnings 
of physical maifestations of a problem. Witness soil erosion in 
      This thinking disclosed four pertinent facts.