Would you be willing to write Mr. Doering as suon as is 
convenient. I am writing him today and believe a letter from you 
might be a great help. 
         My first thought after reading "Land-use and Democracy"

was that I should have received this sooner. Then after thinking 
it over I was glad I had not, because the process of elimination 
of ideas in my own mind has bronCht me around to your ,,ay of 
thinking in many respects, though in a rather confused sense of 
mind. Your art'icle served to clarify my own thoughts to a certain 
extent. It is not convincing to be handed anothers conclusi cns 
until a person has been able to detect the flaws in their"Wpposed 
         You and Prof. Wehrwein have given me much to think about. 
I only wish I might have had an opportunity to discuss these things 
with both of you long ago. 
         A copy of "Land-use and Democracy" should be placed in
hands of every school superintendent and principle in the state. I 
believe they are ripe for such material. We are face to face with 
a revolution in education and the sooner the city schools realize 
their responsibility in education from the consumer angle the better. 
         Perhaps this letter may indicate a confused frame of mind-- 
if it does I am not surprised. I am rather groping for the new 
approach to this conservation problem as many others are doing. 
         However, unprecedented demands upon the woods resource 
only enhance my conviction that some form of Federal Regulation is 
absolutely essential. 
         I had a long talk with Lyle Vatts yesterday and I find him 
to be so like Mr. Price that it would be hard not to place condifence 
in him both as chief of the Service and as a democratic citizen. 
         I shall be very glad to accept the invitation to visit 
with you and Mrs. Leopold some evening when I am in Madison and Max 
and I would like to extend a similar invitation. 
                            Sincerely yours, 
  0 4/                                                  ..... 
        L24 s .,.,..' , ' C. " ..  . . ............. ..............