-2 - 
                             Article V. 
     The officers of the Union shall be a President and a Vice- 
President, each elected for a term of one year, and a Secretary- 
Treasurer, elected for a term of three years. Nominations for any 
office may be made by any Member. Election shall be by the majority 
of the Votes cast at a regular business session or in a mail ballot. 
                           Article VI. 
                      Committees of the Union 
     Two permanent committees (study and action) shall be maintained 
because (1) Federal and State (exclusive of state university) em- 
ployees are forbidden by law from attempting to influence legislation 
and because (2) the best informed advisers are frequently in Federal 
and State employ.  There shall be therefore a Committee on the 
Study of Plant and Animal Communities, and a Committee for the Pre- 
servation of Natural Conditions. The chairman of each eommittee 
shall be appointed by the Board of Governors for a term of three 
years after submission of nominations by the president of the Union. 
The members of each eommittee shall be appointed for staggered terms 
of three years. These appointments shall be made by the president 
after submission of nominations by the committee chairman. Member- 
ship on a committee shall not disbar a member from election to any 
office in the Union. 
                            Article VII. 
                         Board of Governors 
     The Board of Governors shall consist of the President, Vice- 
President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Union, ex officio, and three 
other Members at Large, one of whom is to be elected each year 
for three-year terms by nomination and ballot of the members of the 
Dnion. These elected members of the Board of Governors shall be 
chosen to represent the varied interests and geographical areas of 
concern to the Union. 
                            Article VIII. 
     Meetings of the Board of Governors and of the Union as a whole 
shall ordinarily be held at least once a year. Meetings of the 
Board and of the Union may also be held at the call of the President. 
Ten members or ballots shall constitute a quorum for the transaction 
of business by the Union. 
                            Article IX. 
     This comstitution may be amended at any time by a two-thirds 
majority of the members voting providing that the amendment has 
been previously approved by the Board of Governors and has been 
presented. to the general membership not less than one month in