COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 
                                       Madison 6 
AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION                                November 29,
    OFFice of Associate Director 
                     Professor J. J. Hickey 
                     Dept. of Wildlife Management 
                     My dear Professor Hickey: 
                     I am sending you herewith two fully executed 
                     copies of a memorandum agreement with the 
                     Wildlife Management Institute providing for 
                     the continuation of a research fellowship 
                     for a study of ring-neck pheasant populations 
                     in a limited geographic area. The agreement 
                     was accepted by the Board of Regents at their 
                     meeting on November 20. 
                     It will be appreciated if you will arrange to 
                     have one of the enclosed copies of the memor- 
                     andum forwarded to the proper official of 
                     Wildlife Management Institute. The second copy 
                     may be retained for the files of your department. 
                                               Sincerely yours, 
                                               Associate Director 
                                               Experiment Station 
                     Encs. 2