Jule 8t 1936 
Mr, A-ldo Leopold 
N'ew --oils cui 
Univeri~~ty of~ "iconin 
mAadi oon, a7iseonsin 
Dear Lr. Leopold: 
          At ito ueeting in APril the Division of B;ioloiy and 
Agriculture discuassd fully the Thfuctions of the Committee on Wild 
Life. The servicew of the old committee are -,reatly appreciated, 
but the Divizion felt that thlere ere new ele.ents in the 3itua- 
tioa that woald make it advisable to chali, the em haoi5 by the 
complete reorgýanization of the coitttee under the title of Comnit-

tee on '011d Life .Iand nature Pes  ves with the folloein perooael: 
H. E. Anthony, ChairL, C. C. Rdazo, Heny 1. i~alW in, F. B. Cohor, 
71iali  S 3. Cooper, ilzbert C.  n  G. L. iiclhoI,, Edward A. 
?reble .nd AH. -.-ht. In the zet-xi of the ns:i cozaittee the 
atte:apt ;,aj :Ctde to inolude ...... ro.toint. 
of vietw ith the ida of putting :ri a7 y emphasis on the setting 
aside of certain natural areas for pcrxaneit preservation. It taus 
felt that it ould be bast to hav. this co-'1ttee co~ple~ely inde- 
pendnt of governmentoa agaecies - d for his reason the aomber,.ii 
does not include any.p ,osons in the 6overnz-enin employ. The reason 
for this U.!ill be obvious to you. Thie coattee hop-s to pork in 
close cooperation with ,ýovernuental ugencies and will probably find

the approach sore effective if it cones entirely froa an out4de 
body ° 
          One of the ncw factors in the cituation is the existence 
of the comxittee of t1e Mild Life Institute of vhich you are chair- 
en. This counaittee hao the opportunity of doing the sort of thing 
-e had in ,inid for our old 'Fild Life Co~aittee, ad it has, of ourse, 
the zubotontil backing of the Institute.    '.' ho.e the neT. - rang- 
mert vill avoid xny puiication of effort and at the same t.ime in- 
crease the effectivane~s of the ild ife a-eacies. 
          I wizh to exqr-es3 to you, on beehalf of the DiVIeion, our 
thanks for tie tize and atnentin you devoted tthe eoý  ittee az 
    han ad to ar"u3reo you t.At th. Division iil! ie ),11 to cooer 
ate in _rzy -,ýay Wit thýý. Uid LIio ntitate C~~te 
                              Ineey yFL   ur i 
                              IV< F, Lie~i