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Mr. Robert Sterling Yard 
The Wildenes Society 
1*40 Untwood Place 
whesizto 9, Do W. 
Dear Bob: 
The ooaesiton to Connor Laamber Company in the Porcupines 
strikes me as not u.neasonable, especially if the login 
on the conceded area is selective. I nottce that mention 
of this is carefully omitted, so I suppose it is slash. 
iVIgan' s decision to purchase was certainly a udden 
one, Wd we cannot expect a lumber company which has war 
commitments to cease operating overnight. I donft know 
anythtng about the Michigan Commission, but I don't 
think that Hoffmaster waold have made this concession 
unless it were a just one. 
Nothing is said about the quality of the timber on the 
conceded area as against the quality on the purchasd 
area. This, of course, Is another practical point which 
might be material to the question. 
                                With best reards# 
Aldo Leopold