828 Plymouth Bld&. 
                        Minneapolis, Minn. 
                                     March 26, .191+7 
                                            FA - Field Conference 
 SUBJECT: Proposed Prairie Chicken Conference. 
           Previous correspondence suggested a field conference 
 at an early date. Up until now, I have.taken the position that 
 I would merely start the ball rolling and act as a go-between.. 
 After reading various letters from you State men, it is quite 
 clear that too many desire the meeting in their respective 
 States. Furthermore, quite a few of- the State administrators are 
 faced with the difficulty in securing out-of-stete travel author- 
 ity from the Governors of the States. We have all felt this 
 growing difficulty in getting authority for out-of-state travel 
 and should restrict such requests to the minimum and not put the 
 administrator in any additional position of embarassment. 
           In view of the above, I am proposing the following: 
 a. that we have two conferences. One for the western half of 
    the region and one for the eastern half. In the west: 
    Oklahoma, Kansa°,'Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, 
    Montana, and the Canadian Provinces meet together. 
    In the east: Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, 
    Indiana, Illinois, and the Canadian Provinces that are cl6se, 
    have a second meeting. 
b. that careful notes be taken and transcribed for distribution 
    to all. 
 c. that anyone from the other section can feel free to attend 
    the two meetings,. 
d. that the suggested groupings of. states need not be rigid, but 
   can follow any pattern agreed upon by' the majority of you. 
   For example, Missouri and Minnesota might prefer to meet with 
   the prairie states. 
e. that upon receipt of this, eachlof you submit your ideas 
   and suggestions. Incidently, there has been a strong feeling 
   that any meeting be held later in the Summer rather than 
   during the booming season. Pressing field work would 'prevent 
   many from attending in April. 
f. that appropriate meeting places be suggested. 
g. That each of you give thought to the persons in your State that 
   might attend and submit their names so that I can furnish them 
   with the correspondence and plans of the meetings. 
                                 Sincerely yours, 
                                   Walter A. Gresh 
                                Federal Aid Inspector