1532 University A 
                                          Dember 2, 1937 
Ir . Silas :. K.a..se 
Projetct Uaa*r 
Par  Security Adinstration 
Black River Plls~, WiGeO~OiA 
Dear Mr. Knudens; 
         1 see nothing to be gained, and poosubljy a good 
dea  to be lost, in leavn or4dary small tiraw    standn 
o. fUoss     Larg timber contaiin p    ble wood  u 
holes should, of mcous, be lft standng      as well at large 
timber which migt be excavated bywopces oa       ob 
u~sable for tree *mallw* and martins. 
         Shave gitea this qestioa A special study an 
ts Is jut an off'"baM viw. 
As to you moew detailed qustions not cover4A 
         (5) Z thIak nuiform aswer a" be given to the 
questio of *e    versus fl utuati watev lel,. 'Some 
~aqusso do Vest uMdr £ fluctuting la 1ur, other* under a 
stable ono. 
(6) go unitofr answe. 
         (a) Azy ralsit of a flowag.i Is pring woul endanger 
bothdck   and ms  &to. Lowrta  of a fl~owaei spring woauld 
d.o no ars provided It did not totally dry up 
Profesor of Gass Magme~t