Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

       Discussion on April 28, 1944 - Brule Ranger Station 
       Persons in attendance: 
            Dean Russell             Mr. O'Donnell 
            Commissioner Leopold     Mr. Thomson 
            Professor Bean           Prof. Rusch 
            Dr. Hasler               Dr. Schneberger 
            Mr. Churchill 
      Dean Russell opened the discussion by bringing up the 
 matter of publication procedure and the laying of plans for 
 publication that would follow the Brule River Survey. He 
 pointed out that the results should appear in separate articles 
      1. They could be published with greater rapidity by 
          arranging the publication in chapters and would 
          receive more attention by the readers since the 
          articles would be shorter, 
      2. By issuing the results chapter by chapter, more 
          contact with the reports would be mpde, 
      The next item that was discussed was the place of publication. 
 It was agreed that it would be most desirable to have the articles 
 all published in one Journal so that the various bulletins would 
 be of the same size which would facilitate the final binding of the 
 chapters into one volume. The following places of publication were 
 given consideration: 
      1. Conservation Bulletin 
      2. Natural History Survey 
      3, Wisconsin Academy of Science 
      Professor Bean is to investigate the Possibility of 
utilization of the Natural History Survey series to this end and 
Dr. Hasler is to inquire of the Wisconsin Academy as to the speed, 
financial arrangements, and such service that could be given should 
this Journal be used. 
     The next item to be considered was the matter of chapters 
that would be issued and the sequence by which the material would 
be released,  The following outline was discussed, but is subject 
to modification, likewise the titles are subject to alterations: 

     Chapter I    - Origin of the Brule - Bean 
             II   - History of the Brule River - O'Donnell 
             III  - Changes in Vegetation of the Brule River 
                      Valley from 1856 to 1942 - Fassett 
             IV   - Analysis of Present Day Flora - Thomson 
             V    - Quantitative Measurement of Aquatics - Thomson 
             VI   - The Brule River Soil Erosion Problem- 
                      Bean, Zeasman, and Schweers 
            VII   - Fisheries Biology of the Brule River - OtDonnell 
                      a. Physical and chemical characteristics of 
                          the Brule river 
                      b, The bottom fauna of the Brule river - 
                          a quantitative study 
                      c, The food of fishes of the Drule river 
                      d,  The ichthyo fauna of the Brule river; an 
                          analysis of fish populations 
                      e. The movement of fishes; an analysis of the 
                          results obtained by the use of a two-way 
                          fish weir 
                      f. A four-year creel census on the Brule river 
                      g.  A fish management plan for the Brule river 
            VIII   - Some Aspects of Anchor Ice Formation with 
                       Particular Reference to the Brule River - 
                       OtDonnell and Brigham 
              IX   - Role of Lampreys in the Brule River - Churchill 
     It was the consensus of opinion that the articles dealing 
with fish and fish management would be the most important of the 
series, butof course, the others would be necessary to correlate 
certain findings. Also, some of the articles would be of an 
Introductory nature.