Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

          They would doubtless Prefer assistants in the form of graduate

 students, who might be employed under the fiscal device of "Cooperative

 Agent s." 
          Some sort of job on Items 1, 2 and 4 could be done by one such

graduate student$ in each state wishing to cooperate. This would cost per

                   For  stipend ................... $800 
                   For travel and eroense ........ ZO0 
                   For travel of faculty umenber.. 400 
          Such a set-up rmuld, however, provide only such incidental help

for Item 3 as would- come automatically out of informal consultations and

the systematic rnaleysis and publication of results. (One of the evidences

that the -resent situation needs mending is the lcka of publication by S.O.S.

wild life personnel.) 
                       Specific Plans for Wisconsin 
         Under either Plan A or Plan B, the work on Itros 1, 2 and 4 would

be about as follows: 
         Food Patches & Feeding. Excellent basic data have been eopt
the operations branch, but these data need to be corn!ed, analyzed, and 
published. It is unlihely that the operations personnel will ever do this.

Revision of Present operations technique rould probably be indicated. 
         Census. Census data have been venr conscientiously taken, but 
never copiled, analyzed, or interpreted. Of late there has also been a 
tendency to omit the current observations which are the only means of inter-

pretati on. 
         Effect of Plantings. So far as I am aware, the detailed response

of animal population to plantings cand fencings rexains entirely uncovered.

Without doubt that response varies greatly with survival of plantings, 

- 4- 
attitude of farmer, s~il in original layout, and relation of that layout

to the surrounding landscape.   Mis r esnorse 7Mst be measured at various

seasons and throu.7h a period of years to have value. These   easuarements

offer a truly unique opportunity for the S.C.S. to pioneer in research. 
         emonstrations (Item 4). This is an easy but important job. 
It will certainlyý never be done unless especially provided for. It
illogical for the S.C.S. to spend large sums on initiating .ild life mwWage-

ment on farms, but nothing in translatiny. the results to the visiting public

in the form of demionstrations or outdoor ea-xhibits at the Station.