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                                               TNew Soils Thiildring 
                                               June 27, 1934 
Ur.o A, G. Hmezl 
U. S. Fbrest Service 
Federal BuildIng 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Dear Mr. Hamel 
          I have your letter of June 25, 
          One of the first things I di ,tpon taing over the wor 
at the University last fall was to write a mimewrahed instraction 
sheet for use in the OCO erosion lson vegetation for game and 
erosion  i-rposes. I have sent this to your offioe several times, 
but I am sending you 7aother copy. It contains l . t of ry idea on 
the frubJect as far as Wisconsin is oncenid., 
          I ;a afraid it would be iYpossble to generalize for the 
whole re7ion.  2hiS o OL io14 t-od for 'ichg    an    n 3inesota, but 
the '!issourl, Iowa, and Illinois caips mnld have to have different 
trfeatnt, I have nothlng prepared on the cornbelt proper, but if 
you have so-iebody tiaJ   wite-up for the ourubelt, h-e      ge~t  t 
s,-,-e -oilntera', outý of U-ein~afn~bo~  rc   ~'-1,l1Cenin   youL.

          I enclose a m  rai    deh I rtcit aent C     winslow 
on the research aispectr of eroA on cntrol plants. 
          I haven't heard a word frozL your office about your proposed 
game        ent peronniel. Have any iaan been selected^? If so, what 
are they worling on?  If not, what is the nature oe the rb.tacles? 
The University could be of more use to your deelo  nt alon 
lines if we were carrently posted on your difficulties. I 1n  it 
is partly mV ftwlt for not dropi in and finding out, 
          During the next two months I will spend a good deal of time 
in northern   i9csonsin. Are there My particular National Foret 
problens you want me to look at? If so, where are they and whom shall 
I see bout then?  I would prefer to Fo over a  sich probles in the 
course of Pv regular round rather than   e secial rush trips for 
the kr pose. Our travel uoney is scarce. 
                                 Yours sincerely, 
                                        Aldo Leopold 
A1-Vh                             In Charge, Game Research 

                             FOREST SERVICE 
                         NORTH CENTRAL REGION No. 9 
REGIONAL FORESTER I                                           FEDERAL 8UILDIN,.

   AND REFER TO                                              MILWAUKEE, WISCONGIN

   ECW                                                       June 25, 1934.

   Erosion Control 
   Mr. Aldo Leopold, 
      University of Wisconsin* 
          Madison, Wisconsin. 
   Dear Mr. Leopold: 
          It is planned to prepare a general circular to be gotten 
   out in mimeographed form covering the erosion control program of 
   the CCC camps in the north central states region.   This will in- 
   clude the work of about 69 or 70 camps. In the section on reveg- 
   etation and planting it is desired to include some material on 
   planting of game cover. It will be greatly appreciated if you 
   could find time to furnish us with brief instructions on this that 
   could be incorporated into such a circular. We are especially 
   desirous of knowing the species of game plants that are useful in 
   erosion control pltting. 
          It is understood that for planting drainage-ways where ravine 
   bottoms have to carry a concentrated volume of water, a low-growing 
   shrub or heavy sod-forming grass is preferable to trees, because it 
   exerts a greater retarding influence on the rate of flow causing a 
   larger amount of deposition of soil material and a larger amount of 
   absorption into the ground.   If there are species of plants which 
   are valuable as game cover as well as providing a dense mat of veg- 
   etation, either herbaceous or woody shrubs, it would be very desir- 
   able to have that information available to guide the field crews. 
          Proposal has been made by several agencies interested in game 
   work that the gamnmen be assigned to the erosion camps to supervise 
   planting of game cover, We do not feel we can Justify many such 
   experts, our contention being that it is mainly a matter of planting,

   and that detailed knowledge of game conditions, habits, etc., is not 
   necessary. We doubt whether authorization can be secured for the 
   employment of such specialists, at least in the number contemplated 
   by some of the game and fish men.   Our plan would be to have game 
   men prepare the instructions and suggestions as to the types of cover

   to be used, and to leave the planting to the present foresters and 
   agriculturists attached to the camps.