Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

          Buoh expectations indicate a mighty deficient under- 
standing, not only of the sise of the undertakilg but of good 
orghnimt on methods. 
          Our job as citisens, and the Leglastture's Job as Leg- 
islators, is to create the ocnditions in our state goverziment 
which will get a forest policy written by skilled men hired for 
the rurpose, TO create those conditions is job enough. 7e are 
a long wqy from those conditicns now, due tc cur ou laom of 
still in orgunizing our corroration. "-e say to our covnervation 
officers that ve  ant them to run our conserv4tion business. 'e 
tell them thkt whether they make good or not, they will proably 
be fired at Lhe next ohange In administration. Yor a man -.1o 
hse Initiative an srll we e     UQ te sae salary &S for a man w)b 
has not, and it is an excessively !4all s&Ivxy at that. Any cor- 
poration would laugh at the methods we u6o in crgbniting our cc- 
servation business. The blzme c'r the -rtsent condition should 
attach strictly to the voters, who have failei.te reaLlize that 
conservation Is ia technical service reuririn high grade tech- 
nicul leader8hip with long tenure cf uffico, aple regulýAtry 
powers, "dequate salary, a"11 generous fd  to vorC with, 
-4 -