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                      THE    UNIVERSITY      OF WISCONSIN 
                             COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 
                                        Madison 6 
DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT                                     424
                                     January 9, 194. 
                  Dr. Norman N. Fassett 
                  Biology Building 
                  Dear Norman: 
                  Mr. D. W. Pahl, who lives on the Arboretum near 
                  Twenhofel's, has called my attention to a large 
                  woods approximately two miles by 1 mile, lying 
                  in the southwest corner of Verona township be- 
                  tween Highways 1 and 69. He says this is one 
                  of the best examples of relatively undisturbed 
                  woods in the County, and asked me what, if anything, 
                  could be done about its public acquisition. 
                  Undoubtedly you already know this woods, but it 
                  occurred to me to suggest it for possible con- 
                  sideration under your natural area program. Its 
                  proximity to the campus would of course enhance 
                  its teaching value, assuming that it has a good 
                  flora, and it might take the place of Beech's 
                  woods, which has now been lost. 
                  My township map shows ruffed grouse occurring 
                  in this woods as late as 1341, and Mr. Pahl says 
                  it is well stocked with raccoon and other mammals. 
                  It might also be thinkable hat if the tract is too 
                  large to consider the who e thing as a natural area 
                  that there might be some seat-s worked out with Fred 
                  Trenk on farm woodlots. I have not said anything to 
                  him about it. 
                                                Yours sincerely, 
                  AL:pm                         Aldo Leopold