Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                      THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN 
                                 Madison 6, Wisconsin 
Office of the President                                     Otober 23, 1947

        I am aking the persns named below to serve on a 
        C>zittee on Lak  and Steam Investigations. The purpose of 
        this Committee will be to serve as the central agency for the 
        University's lakes and streams research program 
        I am asking Professor Meloohe to serve as chairman of the 
        Committee and Professor Sarles to serve as secretary, 
        I hope you will find it possible to serve on the Committee. 
        Profesor 0. N. Allen 
        Mr. Ernest F. Bean 
        Professor R. A. Bryson 
        Professor R. H. Barris 
        Professor Rhard Evans 
        Professor N. C. Fassett 
        Professor A. D. Hasler 
        P     s  C. A. Herrick 
    *w*Professor Aldo Leopold 
        Professor V. W. Meloche, hairwaa 
        Professor  B. B, Yorgan 
        Professor M. Starr Nichols 
        Professor R. Rollefson 
        Professor G. A. Rohlich 
        Professor W. B. Sales., Secretary 
        Professor H. A. Schuette 
        Professor F. H. Skoog 
        Dr. W. D. Stovall