Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                          UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA 
                          College of Agriculture 
                       Agricultural Experiment Station 
                                                     May 28, 1947 
             Dr. Harlow B. Mills 
             The Wildlife Society 
             132 Natural Resources Building 
             Urbana, llinois 
             Dear Dr. Mills: 
                       There actually has been little to guide the Awards

             Committee of the Wildlife Society other than the statements
             the constitution. The Committee can only make an award to a

             member of the Society, which narrows the choice and sometimes

C            excludes books and authors of merit. 
                       While serving the Committee as chairman, it was my

             practice to send other members titles of papers that might be

             worthy of consideration. They also did the same with me. We

0            then discussed papers by correspondence as necessary, although

             in some fortunate cases agreement was general and early as to

             our choice. 
p                      I feel that the scope for the award should be increased

             by removing the restriction as to membership in the Society.
             instance, several people felt that Charles Flton should have

             had the award for his "Voles, Mice and Lemmings" but
the best we 
             could do was to send a letter of appreciation and make the award

             to a member. 
                                                    Very truly yours, 
                                                    /3/ Tracy I. Storer 
                                                    Tracy I. Storer 
                                                    Professor of Zoology


                        TBo =In SOCIET' 
  r i. *     Bldg*                                            May 24, 1946

  to CoJege, Pa. 
T-racy 1 S torer, Chairman 
Thomas H. tantlois 
Ald Leopold 4 
W, L. MoAtse 
        I have appointsed you on the "Committee on Award.* Your duty
to seleet the publieation or publications of the year on Wildlife Manaement

and Eology which you feel maeits the sanual award by the Soiety. You are

to submit you choice to the President in advance of the 1947 Wildlife 
Coanferene so that it may be read at the anual meating of The Wildlife Society.

        I hope you will all accept the task assigned. 
                                     *Sincerely yours, 
                                     P,. . FA$ sh