Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

      A~Juno.4~t 11* 947-iv1 
                  (e y-^&A  LA) IfMIT' 
 Seator Josei*h McCarthy 
 Utnited States 4enate 
 washigtont De.C. 
 Dear snator McOarthyl 
 It ha. come to m' notice that !M360l1 piased by the Hiose and 
 now before the buate lttee on Agriculture, wipes out 
 the entire Wildlife 1t Division of the U.*'oresit 
 service (0i6,eOW). The allevd reason In that it duplicates 
 the -:7ork of the Fish and Wildlife Service an4 of the stVtes. 
 Ths is an old question whlch conperne not ohly the Forest 
 Service but also the Park 39frvioe, the Soil Conservation Ser- 
vice, and the Indian aervice. I Lave observed its works 
frmz both sides, first as a wildlife m-m in the Forest Service, 
later as a cnsultakt for the Park Service, the ?ish and 1ild- 
life Servie and the Soil conservation Service, and now as a 
State onsrVfation Oomuissioner. It is gy considered opiniong 
based on this experienoe, tat any land-owning burema        have 
at lpast a skeleton wildlife force of its own, and tht the 
vesent action of "onress is indefensible. 
I ask you to consider just one qustiont the threat of forest 
destruction by excess deer, elk, and other horned -Am, In jnst 
one regioni the I           Dtates o eer are ea'.iý un forest repro-

dnotlon In our state, county, an private forests, ,nl it is 
all the Coinission man Jo to mose  u-) with the rroblm on these 
lands for which it  i  maly roesonsible.   leer are also 
eatiun un the Aish and Wildli1fe !aftze at i'%enedah. Yoosje are 
eatinK un Isle Royale National tark, Deer are damAgnig the 
National Forests. It is uneasonable to say that a bweau res- 
ronsible for the potection of land shall depend         on 
ther   eales for te re    ation of wildlife on  se lands. 
oter genotes for th  r-4    ei                     .t e           1 
This Cnmiseion wo~rks very closely with these federal bzuream. 
le m    e   e reduction of deer on the Nfaa     ge last fall 
for the Ash and Wildlife '3ervoie, at its requet, We are now 
suveyia7n deer Idmge onl the Vnuonal n Forests uid Indian Bser- 
vations. I nereontlly am conR1lt;at for the w)s~e m'cblem nn