Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                             DEVOTED TO THE PRESERVATION OF NATURAL 
                               BIOTIC COMMUNITIES FOR SCIENTIFIC USE 
                            Committee for the Preservation of Natural Conditions

PAUL B. SEARS                        CURTIS L. NEWCOMBE, Chairman       
Oberlin College                                                         
American Museum of Natural 
Oberlin, Ohio                                                           
   History, New York 
F. W. ALBERTSON                       N   K !_B SRF SCIENCE             
Hays College                               IDNIL' IMIGA4.N              
University of California 
Hays, Kansas                                                            
Berkeley, California 
acisconsin Subcommittee of the 
Committee for t  Preservation of hatural Conditions 
kldo Leopold, Dept. of Iildlife  nErngemert University of .Jiisconsin, Ladison,
C. B. Terrell, Terrills A,-uatic Farms & Nurseries, Oshkosh, .isoonsin

T. 11. Sperry, University Park SF-14, _adison, liisconsin 
            This long overdue letter is being vwritten to bring you up to
date on the 
status of the Preservation Committee and plans for the continuation of its
            As most of you know the Society voted unanimously last spring
to discontinue 
the Preservation Committee. In its place, however, a new organization called
Ecologist's Union has been formed to carry on the study and maintenance of
natural conditions. 
            Our work is to be less broad in its scope than heretofore. The
Union's efforts 
will be directed eclusively to save natural co iunities of' nlants and anirrlrs
and to mlain- 
tain natural conditions in existing -parks and other reservations. 
             The members of the subcorwiittee representing each state have
chanzed from 
tine to time. Your names as listed above represent my latest list. if there
are errors 
or o(issions, kindly correct and advise me of your changes and of the name
of the chair- 
ran of your group. 
            Persons on your subco ,mAttee who are empoloyed bf the federal
or state govern- 
ment will autoticay become *mmb rs of the Study Committee in place of continuing
our Preservation Coa.mittee grou, since there is likely to be a conlict in
event of action 
being taken against a state or federal project. These r.overnent Persons
should write Dr. 
S. Kindeigh, Vivarium Bldg., University of Illinois, 1hemaign, the chairman
of your 
present action groun or state   c a 1ttee so that he -ay no:xinate ý
.an in your place. 
            I want to thank all those chairmen "or the annual reports
th t I have re- 
ceived. For s 'e states the chairme'n have not sent me the latest revised
me-bership list. - 
Each chiiralan should if possible, have 3 or 4 associ-,tes in his Particular
state subcomsittee. 
            Kindly send ne the revised list to ether pith the 'enbership
cnrd in case these 
have not already been nailed. 
            A itign your reply with interest, i am, 
Cill: ht 

                             THE ECOLOGISTS1 UNION 
                             Interim ConitLtution 
                                Artiole I-- Name 
  The name of the organization shall be The Eoologists, Union, 
                                krtiole II-- Purpose 
  The object of the organization shall be to urge: (1) the mainteneane of

  original conditions in natural areas, (2) the preservation of additional

  scientifically velueble original punt aed Lairal communities, and (3) 
  the enoouraZemont of scientlZic researches ia I rssedrd areaw.. 
                               Article III-.. Membership 
 The membership shall consist of (1) individuals who can give either fizoizal,

 or moral support and (2) scientific organizations whose interests include

 the objectives as stated in Attiole II. 
                   Article IV-- Officers and Governing Board 
 Experience has shown that two committees (action and investigation)   re

 necessary beoause: (1) Federal employees are forbidden by law to attempt
 influence legislation and (2) the best informed advisers are commonly in

 Federal employ. 
 The organization shall be governed by a Board which shall consist of the

 Chairman of an Investigation(Study) Committee as general chairman, the 
 Chairman of an Action(Preservation) Committee as vice-chairman, the 
 Seoretarj-Treasurer, &rd at least one, not more than two, representatives

 residing in each of six and not more than eight regions based upon the 
 predo!*incnt natural communities. The two chairmen and the secretary-treasurer

 shall oozistitute the Executive Committee of the Boardi If both chairmanohips

 are vaco.t, the secretary-treasurer shall be the executive officer. The
 shall 1111 all vacancies in the personnel of the committees and nominate

 noard membera, usually through the Executive Committee. Board members and

 officeri will be celEcted through an agreement with the'individual coneerned

 that he is interested and willing to undertake the work, but with a clear

 understnuiding that he may be replaced if he becomes inactive for a period

 of twvo years. One of the primary objectives shall be to maintain a 
 * Committee foi the Preservation of Natural Conditions", vrhioh shall
 of five members cad shall h-ve authority to try to influence legislation

 and public policies in the field of the Union4s objectives. 
                              Article V-- Voting# Meetings 
The members may vote on matters of general polioy, usually by mail. Each

member and each organization shall have one vote. Scientific organizations,

especially the larger ones, will be requested to appoint a representative

and  an alternate to vote, Mieetings of officers and members should be held

from time to time* 
                              Article VI 
The plan set forth herein is provisional, and should come up for reconsider-

ation on or soon after July 1, 1947, when it shall be the duty of the 
secretary-treasurer to take up the matter of extending the voting power of
members, and if hngtmuing defi~lte-time?   M~ to     . tesrfo. 
ohairrien, board members, etc., in order that all offioers will not retire

at the same time,