Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                                             April 4 (and still nowed in)

"Dear A.L.:A 
        I have your two letters of 'March 2 and 24. 
        I am mighty sorry I didn't get by Madison. and I plan to get 
 down the first opportunity, with some time to spare so we oan go out 
 and poke around the Pines at Riley. 
        You mention the Washington meeting. ft All I can give Is a 
 thumbnail schetch, which will tmffice. The bad element and the good 
 elements in D.U. are in conflict. The inetitute(nor anyone else) vmuM&

 f4i les to recognize this ond works blandly tith both rides. The meeting

 was an earnest attempt to get things straightened out but failed 
 because:L) the bad side was represented at the meeting (By Oprtwright 
 and Bartley; 2) because the Canadian Govt. wan asked the las~t minute 
 as sort of a forgotten gesture. The Canadians are boiling. It all 
 make" lunt fabous an much ensoe as if the Canadian Givernment and 
 Sportsimen O d.v lown to nettle th.e "iUconsin deer problon without

 consulimni thM department. Caneoda is no lonrger aL 49th Ptate, and it 
 -ill take eo-ie a whil. to learn that. 
        I dco not think I or we have misjudlied Cartwright, It seems another

 reverral of character because of 1) unsolid foundation; a) to much 
 back slappin- and cheerful cups from the wrong people. IHe is nov against

 the whole field, openly advits his tremendously imptntant place in 
 Canadian hintory, and ha the martyr's benevolence towards thor'P who 
 have erred --surh as,          rmst of the Sfrvinp iirsona.. Towards 
Art and Bob, end ' suppose towardq mebowever, he hae nothinr bhut 
contempt for lie gpve us the chance to see things hip way. 
       Yes, I'am having trouble plinting. And will get back to it as 
 soon as I can unload some things. This is goetting to be qiaite a rancho

 and I have got to get sotae more handn. After ten yea-T- of ntennogrnphio

 wrok.along, the pile of paper is hard to get around, even by on, with 
 as poor a onsocience an my own-. 
       I hope the eye is cor&ng along all right. Pretty tough going,
know, with the depressing trips to Rochester, the uncertaintya nd the 
constant dis oufort. Joe says it will take you about a year to get 
completely fixed up, and I hope you-7,ill tnake thinve easy in the re:ntin,

We expect you upi' your eye can rxnke it, this suinrer. Will have a little

ten-year aneoTvornery celebr.tion and obviously tould not hold it in 
your absence... 
       (end letter) 
       ,X appreciate your interest in my future work. I would kVke to 
 go west of the lOOtIl, Meridian. . Montana -in interested in opnning a research

 station on my prescription, but in not sure whether it can work the deal.

 Am sorry I didn't see more od Stirker and I oertainly will follow up 
 your California suggestion.. 
        I am interested in cash only to the extent of my requireoentsand

want to continue working along my own ilnes. Was mighty surprised at 
the large number of highpaying jobs float in1 around -- if the way they 
were courting Paul Springer is any criterion. *.e can get, as much as