Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

Meorandum for Noble Mar: 
                 Re.: S.O.S. Prosag. for inrysign ineseamb- 3/9/16 
        Thoese c    ts ae subject to the reservation that it is often 
imossible, from a docmt alone, to tell just wht the author has in 
minda-also that I had oaly a day to stu4y the material. 
        Taking the   wdeormilk docnts at their nparent meanin. I 
would say they indicate a lack of understandin of how productive researh

is usually conceived and &osomplished. 
        he documents, including the Wreemnt, asnsue that hawing set up 
a string of specialists aeoss the field, eac will proeed to outline hat 
needs to be done in his field, and then pick himself a college or a series

of colleges to ecte each of the projects he has selected. 
        Tiis is all very logical, but I have never kloun mch productive 
wor to originzue in that way, 
        The plan is all rigt up to the point of setting up the strine of

secalists (assuing they are good enoug). The plan is all wrong from 
that point onward.  At this point the sestmemtie nfolding of a omplete 
eoveraie of the field must be iropped-left haexI   in mid-air as a thing

of no further use eept as a point of reference. Freo mw on the search 
is solely for men with ideas (and in some oases areas of diagnostic imor-

tance for sl* a ma   to work on). Having fond. a man with an Idea, a 
cooprative agreement xny be built around him to facilitate his work. Pt-

ting men into pro-existing cooperative aremnts and pro-eiiosting research

scmes or organization diagrams is logical pe*haps in theory, but usually

sterile and wasteful in practice. 
       PerhaDs the S.C.S. realises this, but the documents give no Clue 
that they do. In fast, pararra-phs msh as B-1 (pae 2) leave the very 
positive impression that resoArh projects are to be selected by the S.C.S.

chiefs, and then "assigned first to a oellege and then to the individual

therein who hppens to ouy the indioated niche in the organization 
       Paera     B4 (Pake 3) further indicates (to me) a coplete mis- 
understanding of sound ognizaigtion. There are two alternative and entirely,

distinct schemes: 
          (1) Te college should be solely repnsible for selecting the 
              man to exeute a project (thouh the S.C.S. might ve 
              properly reserve to itself an O.K. of rach selection). The

              frnction of the  .,,, is then to draw the mrse-strings 
              shut wen a bd choice has been ende. 
          (2) The S.C.S. ahomld assipn one of its man to a college to do

              a given job. In vach eent the college *iold reserve to 
              itself the o.K. of the 3.0.3. selection.