Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

          The propozed Demonstration is an outgrowth of a survey of 
American game resources undertaken by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition 
Manufacturers' Institute July 1, 1928. 
          Tht survey is premised upon the idea that the sportsman, the 
landowner, the manufacturer of sporting equipment, and the public each 
have a stako in the maintenance of a permanent game supply and that 
their identity of interest can be wade the basis of effective joint 
action, once t N. derlying biological and economic facts are made 
available. Thepurvey is attempting to collect the known basic facts 
bearing on game restoration, and to encourage research on those as yet 
unknown or imperfectly established. 
          Tho4survey has revealed the strong probability that coverts 
are the limiting factor governing the productivity f & vail throughout

the north-central states. Coverts are steadily in this 
region. Since the land is farm land of high value, it seems evident 
that the average farmer must have a financial incentive for restoring 
coverts if this is to be accomplished on any large scale. 
          The purpose of the proposed Demonstration is to work out for 
the information of farmers: 
              1. The best technique for covert restoration. 
              2. Its costs in land, labor, and material. 
              3. The resulting yields in the form of quail. 
              4. The technique of winter-feeding and vermin-control 
                      necessary to make the restored coverts fully 
              5. The relationship of quail to other game and to 
                      agricultural crops. 
              6). The relationship of quail coverts to the conserva- 
                      tion of forests and watersheds. 
           The proposed Demonstration will be in effect an eytension to 
the north-central states of the Georgia quail Investigation just com- 
pleted. Each of the several Universities cooperating will probably 
focus its efforts upon one or more special aspects of the quail problem.