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         1hese Vital distinctiono are left blurred. In an  one project 
 it   at ealways be either ceme 1 or scheme 2, thagh both alternatives 
 might be in simultaneous use, evn at a single colleg an among its various

         If the six iibject-matter divisions indicated on the diagram be

 rgarded as ordinates Uelimiting the researwh field, there arises the 
 question of abscissas su*h as fundamental and applied research. S)te 
 paragraphs as the last on page 1 of the agreement leads me to won4sr whether

 the S.C.S. realises what fuadamental wrk is. Tae, ibr exmple, the x 
 gestion of J, F. Hael of this university that the physical chmistr7 of 
 flocclation in soil is not understood. (An exle, by the way, of what 
 I mean by a "man with an Idea.") This idea, if sound, brackets
all of the 
 first four divisions, aad (contrary to the paragrAph on page 1) has n 
 reference to either states or regions. 
         I am, of course, not trying to split hairs on the ouse of terms-

 I am simply asking whether the docoments taýe into aceount the obvious

 fact that fundamental wo   mt 1-ceep paoe with technique and "fact-findu,*

 else the latter ends in a blind allq. I. for one, am convinced that 
 erosion is already in a blind allay, in the soese that the fundamental 
 factors so far recognized leave many obuervye phenomena quite unaceonted

 for. It has been u   impression that D. Bennett has the same conviction.

         It m   fairly be asked how I vengest getting osordination and 
 focus, if I propose to leave haninzg in mid-air the          scheme"
 coverage of the field. The answer lies in periodic inventories and che*-uns.

 such as Clapp' s "Cpeland Report." 3umch inventories hark back
to the 
 complete scheame as a point of reference, and disclose any need        
 in emphasis. 
        In offering these criticisms, I am, of curse, entirely are that 
 ernsl)n researah, and researh personnel, has not had the benefit of that

 Ion, stnugle with -pen   which has led to the froitfUl evolution in allied

 fields,. It is a tremendously diffimlt tMin  to set u a research field 
                                               Aldo loopold 
S*S. I see no harm in an advance cooperative agreemnt provided it is 
understood tha the real agrowaent will be drawn when a man with an idea to

found. This dwuent, however, does not ipress me as so inten d. It 
sounds like a constitution. 
        A proper advane agrevzont should sirply sa  that if a wan with an

idea should be found, he may be equipoed aecordlng to such and auch rautines

of finance and organization (leavirg as wide a range of alternatives as 

          Madison 6, Wisconsin 
Office of the President 
January 20, 1948i 
I am ask ng     esonu lste below to serve as 
of the                ee. Mr. Gai    l wl serve as 
Chairman of the Comittee. 
I hope that you uilI find it 
yo  win nify m   office of 
possible to serve and4 that 
you acceptanc. 
Yours sneey 
Mr. A. F. 
Profe   r 
Mr. H. C. 
GafL~ste.1, Chaiman 
Charles BunnR 
John T. Curtis 
James G. Dicksonm 
John T. Emle 
Norman C. Fassett 
G. W.Lognce 
Robert J. TMukabirn 
Fred B. Trank 
(iJk t~2A-~ 
/1 /'