Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

February 1, 1940 
Dr. Aldo Leopold 
424 University Farm Place 
Madison, Wisconsin 
Dear Dr. Leopold: 
I have not had anything further from the 
Wild Life Foundation. I assume that in due 
course of time, they will let me know. 
In the meantime, I take it that you are pro- 
ceeding on the basis that the plans as outlined 
will be eventually approved. 
                     Yours very truly, 
jfb aj 
A I 

                                          k42Z Uni~versity Farm Place 
                                          JaM~y 30, 1940 
. 0. K. P    er, Jr. 
Amrcn idife Institute 
Investment k1145*ng 
Dw Mwrt 
         Since we are to onerate the hatchery at Delta this 
year, it will be aseossw7 for Aabert -oohbom to go to Delta 
before the tie of the oseIewe.,. I just wanted to mak  se 
that you aer not couatiAg on his for any pers or to meet with 
the trastees. 
         the !stoe   haye nwre met Albert ad I an sorry to 
main mis the opprtusniaty  havien thb  Io. Miles Pirzdo 
or I will, of cuse, be glaC to report for the projeot. 
         I an beginnig to be under proexure for mmtet that 
£depw  Von the batt for the coming year. Students are makin 
their plans fer the inew. and salees we get eizatly the rigt 
o   we cannmt got the rest ot of our uanq. If the action of 
the I    _intuto an the forthcoming ra's budget ea favorable$, 1t 
All hlp    MeanuhIe. on the strength of y   ent letter. # 
*hall V mhm4 on the ass  tion that there will be a bdget. 
                            Sinoerely yours# 
                        Professor of Wildlife Monsm emt