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P.S. Albert: 
Your letter of Feb. 7 with budget is just received. I enAtirely 
approve, except that I think the remainder of your salary increase 
should go through upon completion of the m.s. as originally 
The inspection trips could be dropped and still not increase the total 
amount.  I will take this up with Paul Miller, who presumably will 
write Mr. Bell formally either in person or through Senator Walcott. 
Meanwhile you might be priming Mr. Bell as to the details of your hatchery

reduction. I insist, though, that you pass the new budget on the full 
salary raise. 

                                   MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 
                                    January 31, 1942 
      Professor Aldo Leopold 
      424 University Frrm Place 
      Madison, Wisconsin 
      Dear Professor Leonold: 
      Yours of the 27th; I am just on the eve of 
      leaving for a two weeks sojourn. 
      Until we see the new tax bill, it is pretty 
      hard for me to say what sunnort I can give. 
      I do Pgree with you that we should work out 
      cuts so far ns nossible. Some of these have 
      already been envisioned by Hochbaum. 
      Will you undertake to rrenpre ! new budget of 
      onerations under wqr conditions? All I can say 
      is that if circumstances in any wiy permit, 
      I want to see the work carried on. 
                          Yours very truly, 
      jfb aj