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424 University faM P1^0e 
December 16, 1941 
Mrs Albert Hochbauu 
Delta, Mwtoba 
Dear Alberts 
Z am not worried about the isunerstanding of 
unless we are in trouble. 
the balance 
I will also leave it to you to exPlain to Aiss Qo how 
the matter arose. If there o any trouble, let me know 
what ou Mant me to do. 
                           With beet regars, 
  Aldo Leopol 
of WildlifeManagement 
P.S. I have Just r   ived/Dvid M. Newell, Mitor 
      of Yield an Stream, the attaohed check for 
      Peter Wad   Will you sea that he £ets it? 

                                            Delta Duck Stption 
                                            Delta, Manitoba 
                                            December II, 1941 
Mr. Aldo Leopold 
Professor of Wildlife Management 
424 University Farm Place 
Madison, Wisconsin 
bear AL.: 
       .ky belief in an unexpended balance has erisdn because I have 
not had the entire picture of Delta expenses before me. I was unaware 
that the $160.00 carry-over from last year was charged to this year's 
budget or I would have accounted for it at the beginning of the year. 
Perhaps the increase in salary was also taken from the existing budget; 
I assumed that it represented an addition to the budget. 
       I have knowingly overdrawn on the hatchery supplies and 
travel expenses but believed these would be fully covered by 
Peter Wardls unpaid salary for the last three months of the year. 
My monthly expenses at Delta as bpl1anced with the budget for the 
year would still show an unexpended balance,but not, of course 
with the additional e penses which did not sbow on my booke. 
       I feel very badly tbet this mistake has occurred 
                         Yours sincerely, 
Albert Hochbaum