Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

Minutes, March 19, 394"8--23a 
  It vas movod by Commil.sioner Rieel that an order 
designpt,-a a State Ccnserovption Comsiodion Order 
No. M-102 (Revised 6) roecinding State Conservation 
CoT-mioinn Order No. M-102 (Roviped 5) and estab- 
lishing regu2i.tlons for the governing and Rdinistration 
of licensed shooting Preserves in the Ptate of 
Wirconsin, be ec'tted and tromulgted by virtue of 
P-nd nurusant to the orovisions of section 29.573 
(6) (a) of the Wisconsin Statutev, a cony of the order 
be incormnorp.ted in these mlnuteEs, and the original 
,laced on Tile in the office of the Conservw.tion 
Com.mirion at Madison. 
  The motion vas duly seconded by CommIseioner 14olstad. 
  When nut to P vote, motion wp cerried unanimously. 
  It wps the further sonpe of the commispion that the 
Director be Instructed to give this entire matter of 
shooting Preserves special study and aloo thft each 
commissioner m    Pk . r 'tudy 6t it. 
          The meeting rece'ped for lunch at 32:15 n.m. 
              The meeting reconvened Pt 2 p.m. 
Present: Comm!soloner Chas, F. 1imith, Chairma.n 
          Commlieioner John 0. Moreolnd, Secraetary 
          Comn, lisoner Wni . J. P. Ab:3'g 
          Commissioner Aldo Lsonold 
          CoM1,ioloner Arthur £Molstpd 
Commissioner J. A. IRI3gol.