Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

     Because of the large contribution which Madison's 
shade trees make to life hereabouts, they constitute one 
of the city's most valuable possessions. World travelers 
who have enthused over the natural beauty of Madison's 
setting, the majesty of the Capitol, and the character of 
the University, have been still more deeply impressed by 
the glory of its trees. 
     In keeping with its purpose to foster and encourage 
whatever tends to make Madison still better for living and 
working, the Foundation has taken deep interest in the wel- 
fare of the city's trees. In January, 1939, a special com- 
mittee was appointed for the purpose of studying the exist- 
ing situation and bringing in a report with recommendations 
that would serve as a guide for the Madison tree program for 
many years to come. 
     Inasmuch as it is the Foundation's aim to work in close 
cooperation with the City administration and all of its agen- 
cies, it was made clear at the outset that the tree program 
was to be developed with and for the full benefit of the 
Madison Park Commission and the City Forester. 
     The personnel of the committee included many of the 
foremost scientists in their fields, and clearly evidences 
Madison's good fortune in having so readily available for 
the solution of its problems men who are recognized as state 
and national authorities. 
The Committee: 
James G. Marshall 
     City Forester 
Prof. Pranz A. Aust 
     Horticulturist, and Consulting Landscape 
     Architect, University of Wisconsin 
E. L. Chambers 
     State Entomologist 
Prof. Norman C. Fassett 
     Botanist, University of Wisconsin 
Prof. E. M. Gilbert 
     Botanist, University of Wisconsin 
Prof. Aldo Leopold 
     Wildlife Management, University of Wisconsin 
     Graduate Yale School of Forestry 
     Formerly Associate Director, U.S. Forest Products Laboratory 
     Research Director, University of Wisconsin Arboretum