Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                  March 2 * 19~4 
Northfield, Uimxesota 
Ifltd It hard to#w.~ gem iae Intavor of any one 
mtmtin date fron the stuxd4-~int of attad= 
by wild4Ufezr. ýA spring nqtn   is in comapoti- 
tion with the 'North  mw~ioaa confserenc, aMd W 
with the Midweter.  "Nt whui dpýtes 1) awt 
canfllct, it is difficult to get off~~t'o3A actor 
for two convf,,tiozw !na rtrw. 
Uidin4ter is of course qtil worstý bc inE of 
   cmoition with theA  , 4UIeu WIs Ut-At 
   rdds~srwould havG the bea,3t CIRUW  ýLs faw 
,is wfl lifers are ouaerne.~I 
3peskine for mynselZ au  ~       A-cwI1 Li 
1,1 ost the worst ma~  for aý nxtra currictaa 
WIth p~s~ 
AL i pm                       A~o X0-OILI. 
P. S. I hae of cour.,, bqejui it        in1, 
Limlien meetings which m irt4a~ la you sao~tanfi- 
)f .Ai invitation. The oporuVT11 our M9i<oai 
gru   to meet the WI)so% Cl.ub will of course be 
vaube ami we are gox~ to do our beat with the 
  arrngeeis. The oomittee is a goo osf., P-d 
~a glad to serve on it,