Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

                     Constitution and By-Laws 
                              of the 
                           Kumlien Club 
                           Article I 
     The name, of this organization is The Kumlien Club. 
                            Article II 
     The pi:iLar ubjeotiven of this club are the increase and dis- 
semination of ornithological information. Specifically these 
objectives shall be to hold meetings of ornit~hologists and other 
naturalists at regular intervals for discussion; to foster coopera- 
tion among naturalists in carrying out investigations; to discuss, 
review, and report on natural history topics; and to hear and get 
acquainted with such outside naturalists as visit the club from 
time to time. 
                            Article III 
     The members of this club shall be persons who have demonstrated 
an abiding interest and k no7iledge of ornithology or some other 
natural history specialty. 
                            Art icle IV 
     The officers of this Club shall be a President, Vice-President, 
Secretary, and Treasurer. The four officers together with 
Active Members elected at large shall constituto the Council. 
The Council shall govern the activities of the Club. 
                           Article V 
     Amendments to this Constitution reqdire the aoprcval by vote 
 of three-fourths of the voting memTbers present at a stated regular 
 meeting having a quor um present. Copies o' the propcsed amendments 
 shall be mailed to all votinrg members and read at a stated regular 
 meeting prior to being submitted tc a vote.