Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

Tree Planting Program -2. 
Prof. G. Wm. Longenecker 
     Horticulturist and Landscape Architect, University of Wisconsin 
     Director of the University Arboretum 
Mr. Leo L. Lunenschloss 
     Director, Madison and Wisconsin Foundation 
     Father of the Madison East Side tree planting program 
Prof. A. Joyce Riker 
     Plant Pathologist, University of Wisconsin 
kr. Harry D. Tiemann 
     Kiln Dry Expert, U. S. Forest Products Laboratory 
Prof. Fred B. Trenk 
     Agricultural Engineer, University of Wisconsin 
Mr. Howard F. Weiss (deceased) 
     Director, kadison and Wisconsin Foundation 
     Graduate Yale School of Forestry 
     Formerly Associate Director, U. S. Forest Products Laboratory 
Prof. S. A. Wilde 
     Soils Department, University of Wisconsin 
Mr. Fred G. Wilson 
      Sup't Co-operative Forestry, Wisconsin State Conservation 
 J. W. Jackson 
      Executive Director, the Madison and Wisconsin Foundation 
      1dember of the University Arboretum Committee 
      The committee held several meetings during which the scope 
 of its activities was determined. Its first decision was that 
 in order to pass intelligent, helpful judgment on what should 
 properly be done, it was necessary to have an inventory of 
 existing street shade trees, with a report on the variety and 
 condition of each individual tree. Such a survey was thereupon 
 set up by City Forester as a W P A project. It was made during 
 the year 1940, and a summary thereon is included with this re- 
      The committee gave careful consideration to practically 
 all of the street trees that might be considered desirable 
 to plant in the Madison locality as judged from the standpoint 
 of beauty, durability, longevity, hardihood, ability to with- 
 stand temperatures, summer and winter storms, and susceptibility 
 to disease. Their conclusions and recommendations constitute 
 one of the major phases of the report. 
      From what has been learned from other cities throughout 
 the country, it appears unlikely that at any other point has 
 this matter of a permanent street tree program been gone 

Tree Planting Program -3. 
into so fully, and particularly with the close collabora- 
tion of such a large group of allied scientists as has 
been done here in M-adison. 
     Opportunity is taken to express appreciation to each 
member of the committee for the time, thought and contribu- 
tion which he has made toward the preparation of this report. 
     It will be noted that practically all of the work of 
the committee was limited to the street trees, meaning there- 
by those trees located or to be located in the berm between 
the sidewalk and the curb. The reason for such limitation 
is due to the fact that the municipality has legal jurisdic- 
tion over all such trees, but does not have jurisdiction over 
trees on private property inside the sidewalk. 
     It is the hope - and intention - to add further to 
the Madison tree program by a study of all trees in the city, 
including those on private property and in the parks.