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S=e letter to Holt 
                                              New $oilis Bntling~ 
                                              March 13, 1934 
Mr. Earl1 fTinker 
Regiowg   wetd 
Federal Tid 
Dear Lrli 
          John Ball teLls me thatt he has an appoitmn- t to see 
  you i regard to one of the xrmn rositions. 
          John wuted in W offce for a yair *ile I was makin 
the gae surray, aM later we nnr1d together for a year on the 
  gam Mwo;rv4 of J-1T;  I emn re#-omom~ed hirp t,) 7ni vpr-r hi.ýhlr.
is, of    urve, obvicon' tW11- he & evzotional pso     ity an 
I can certif:'r thst be iq n t& wo*,.-r arel -uiq hIq heMA4 He 
ha s nio Tpecial tilio   eduocrtton, bat It Ias P-w-Ve been my' 
exerlerenA tt he -rnsps the teo  olo.y of eatqeer binlogIoal 
subJect, mich as        or forestry, he is work-ir ith. He. 
has probably prv,,ticed nx' aour s -7M   ~rW,%'e-qnt tb" mofGit Of 
the People wi~th a degree from forept w~honoti s vr ~e I/Ollo 
                              Yogrs skoorely. 
                                     ALDO LEOPOLD