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                                                   Now Soils ).uildina 
                                                   May 19, 1934 
Mr. Earl W. Tinker 
Regional Forester 
Federal Building 
Mil-wakes, liseonsin 
Dear Tinkert 
Unless you have already completed your pute mt force, I hve jnst 
aero0s a man whom I think you mey want to consider. His ness is Philip Allan

and he is at present doin game mt work for t         Coon Talley project.

He took a zoologial. course at the University of New Hipehire and has partially

completed a Ph.D. thesis on the     s8 of New Hapshir , workin uMsr Professor

Dies of Michiga. I have Just bee working with him a week at Coon Yalley and

hrve a very hig opinion of his personality, bai. e        and enthusiasm.

If I had any opening, I wuld snap him - for either res.arch or administrative

work. He has at present only a formn's position at Coon Valley, but I hav

reason to believe that they will offer him a technical opening as soon as
occurs. Probably after this occurs he wuld not be available. 
His main difficalty from your standpoint would probably be his lack of formal

forestry traini, but I found him entirely able to comprehd fortetry questions

and If anythind more o             intelligent about thma than the aver 
trained forester, 
Allan prefers m     ent vol. in connection with m as rather than birds, and

hie first Interest would be deer. I gather that he has had oonsiderable 
contact with deer both in New Hmpshire and Michigan I do not Inw wether he

has civil Serice status, but if not he oould in btedly pass som appropriate

Civil Service examination, 
I have aged him to send me a de3cription of his cpliftcations, *hiih I will

forward to you as soon as it arrives. Meanhtile I thou4*t I had better send
this letter at once, since you migt be making u your slate. 
Allan   uld like at sme tim  in the future to complete his Ph.D. An administrative

ausg   ent under you in the Lake States would of course automatically give
a familiarity with deer which he could later caitalise by taing a year off
thesis purposes. 
W ith best regrds, 
                                  Yours sincerely, 
                                     In Chrge, GameORsearc