Visual display of the Aldo Leopold papers : 9/25/10-2 : Organizations, Committees

Regional Representatives. Region 1: Ralph T. King, Roosevelt Wildlife Forest

Experiment Station, Syracuse, N. Y. Re ion 2: William J, Howard, National
Service, Richmond, Virginia. Region       amuel A. Graham, University of
Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Region     Pau4    Roberts, U. S. Forest Service, Lincoln,

Nebr. Region 5: Walter Po Taylor, Biological Survey, College Station, Texas.

Region r: E.Towell Sumner, Jr., National Park Service, San Francisco, California.

     The Regional Representative is in charge of the aotivities of the Society
his region. Hence, his position is one of the utmost importance, and the
of membership, regional meetings, objectives of the Society and the like
- either 
directly or through the combined efforts of the members - is to a large extent
responsibility. For this reason, these men are elected by the members in
their own 
Committees. Membership Committee: Gardiner Bump, Chairmant L. E. Hicks, E.
Komarek, James Moffitt, W. R, Van Dersal; and T. R. Langlois, Special Consultant.

Advisory Committee: Joseph Grinnell, R. T. King, Aldo Leopold, H. L. Stoddard,

Rolf Bennitt, Rudolph M. Anderson. 
Committee on Professional Standards: Rudolf Bennitt, Chairman; F. C. Edminster,

P. L. Errington, C. L, Rubbs, R. T, King, Aldo Leopold, H. D. Ruhl, H. L.
W. P. Taylor. 
Committee on Cooperations A. 0. Weese, Chairman, V. H. Cahalane, E, G. Holt,
H. L. 
Opportunities for Service. The Wildlife Society is living at a time when,
as never 
before, the publio is genuinely interested in wildlife conservation* This
promise of broad opportunities. At the same time, it imposes heavy responsibilities

upon the men who are to study and administer the wildlife resources of the
American continent. The obligations of this Society are obvious. Their fulfillment

will be one of the really constructive tasks of the present generation. 
                                           Arthur A. Allen, President 
                                           Thomas H. Langlois, Vice-President

                                           Victor H. Calalane, Secretary

                                           Warren W. Chase, Treasurer