Visual display of the Mississippi Queen (Tourist boat, 1975- )

Mississippi Queen (Tourist boat, 1975- )

  • June 1979
  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Tourist boat
  • BUILT: 1973-1975 at Jeffersonville, Indiana by Jeffboat, Incorporated
  • OWNERS: Steedman Hinckley (Overseas National Airlines); Coca-Cola Bottling Company
  • OFFICERS & CREW: Captain Ernest E. Wagner (master, 1976); Harry Louden (pilot, 1976); Art Zimmer (pilot, 1976); Joseph "Ted" Davisson (mate, 1976); Willard Lockhart (mate, 1976); Captain Carl A. Shelton (master, 1977); Captain Gabriel Chengery (master)
  • RIVERS: Mississippi River
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - 3978; She was designed to sleep 400 tourists. Operated by the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. James Demetrion planned the mechanical details of the Mississippi Queen. Albert Hinckley planned the architecture and decor. Much of the interior decor was contracted in England. Three Quays Marine Services in London drew the hull lines and firmed the engine and paddlewheel design. In Holland, a 20 foot model of the boat was tank-tested. Her engines were contracted to Pine Tree Engineering Company in the United States and Jeffboat, Incorporated did the actual boat-building. The first hull section was completed at Jeffersonville, Indiana in November 1973. Her launching date was November 30, 1974 and she was christened on April 30, 1975 at Louisville, Kentucky. Before being christened Mississippi Queen, she was known as Hull 2999. Her first shakedown cruise was on July 21-22, 1976. Many bugs were worked out and then followed a second shakedown and a third, at New Orleans on February 26-27, 1977
  • PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Stern view of the Mississippi Queen
  • Mississippi Queen (A)


  • June 1979
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  • Neg. 35mm 2-37-2
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