3.1  Study Sites                                                        i

     This project was designed to evaluate a denitrification

systems ability to reduce nitrogen loading to groundwater from on-

site sewage disposal systems. Two single-family homes north of the

Stevens Point area were selected for the installation of an

experimental denitrification system in the summer of 1992. The two

homes were chosen because they already had groundwater monitoring

wells in place, contaminant plumes well identified, high nitrate

levels   in the groundwater    contaminant plumes, and homeowner


      One of the sites chosen, site 1, was William and Barbara

Reed's residence located at 5371 Echo Court, Lot 15, Blk 1, Jordan

Acres Estates Subdivision, NW 1/4, NW 1/4, Sec. 14, T24N, R8E,

Township Hull, Portage County Wisconsin.       The denitrification

system at this location has been retrofitted onto an existing

conventional septic system which has a one chambered, 1000 gallon

septic tank which was installed in the summer of 1982. The septic

system serves a three bedroom home which currently has two people

living in it.

      The other site chosen, site 2, was Frank Sniadajewski's

 residence located at 3328 Jordan Road.    SE 1/4, NE 1/4, Sec. 9,

 T24N, R8E, Hull    Township, Portage    County, Wisconsin.      The
 denitrification system at this site has been retrofitted onto an

 existing pressurized mound system which has a 1000 gallon septic

 tank and a 1000 gallon dosing chamber which were installed in the