Association of 
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W. G. TORCHIA NA, PtsoIdrt       . to. HILL, lot VivePrmideut 
A. V. WILLIAMS, Sud Viee-Presidest  111W P 511TH* Srr eta  eueaTrnh*I 
A, . WLASCimefuisutt            W. G. TORCHEANA, Philadelphia' 
I1.1104 POL"K, Detroit           U. AV. ROWUAN, Akron 
lf-. IDoNsui-LEV, chicage     W. H. LICID, N*w:Havtu 
D. 0i. ANNlEWALT, Cleveland      W. E. MUR1tlOCK,# Boutom 
J. L. HILL, Rlehunoad            A. H. BOYD, Resaiag 
W. L. RICHMO-ND, Yonlkr 
Gtuea OEU Sw rd Avo-ar NcwrYork City 
The Association of American.Directory Publishers is composed 
of reputable City Directory~ Publishers, organized for the general 
advancement of the Directory business..Any person, corporation or 
.firm engaged in business as owner and pubiisher, of a City Directory in

thie United States or Canada, who: shall qualify as competent  to Igather,

inomtinadcopl aCt             irectory and furnish satisfactory. 
references, is eligible to membership. 
The objects of the Association are: 
First. The advancement of the Directory business and the i*m- 
..provement of Directories by the 'interchange of ideas and the exchange

of experienced emnployes, 
Second. .To provide protection to the public against fraudulent 
advertising schemes which operate under.... ame of Dire..... 
tories, and to drive unprincipled promotersof the same out of the 
Third. To Provide permnanent and proiitable employment to corn.* 
petent, industrious and bonest Directory canvassers and compilers., 
Fourth. For the mutual .protection and advancemcnt- of the 
established and prospective interests of all who may become members,, 
by personal advice and assistance of members as may be inutuall) 
satisfactory, desirable or advisable, and by such other means as may, 
.froiw time to time, be shown to be wise, proper and lawful. 
$10000 R   ward      will be paid by the Association for 
$1 VV.V  Rew    rd..t-he- arresat jand coanwiction ofany. 
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