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Visual display of the Not population control we need consumption control

Not population control we need consumption control

New Delhi: Saheli
  • The U.S., with 1/3 of India’s population, consumes 5 times more oil, 8 times more electricity and 12 times more petroleum.
  • The world’s military forces are the single largest polluters on earth.
  • While the world cries about scarcity of food, developed nations dump tons of ‘excess’ food into the sea.
  • The world’s rich don’t reduce consumption, nor do governments work towards balanced development.
  • Instead the poorest, least powerful 20% population of the world is accused of being the biggest threat to global resources!
  • And all the propaganda about ‘population explosion’ means women like me are always made targets for hazardous contraceptives!
  • Join the struggle against unequal development, coercive population policies and hazardous contraceptives!
  • Publisher contact information: Saheli, Above 105-108, Defense Colony, Flyover Market, New Delhi 110 024.

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New Delhi: Saheli
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