Visual display of the Mary Stewart (Towboat, 1893-1917)

Mary Stewart (Towboat, 1893-1917)

  • BOAT DESCRIPTION: Sternwheel
  • BOAT TYPE: Towboat
  • BUILT: 1893 at Spottsville, Kentucky
  • BECAME: Ila French
  • FINAL DISPOSITION: Sold to a sawmill operator in Selma, Alabama and renamed, circa 1917
  • OWNERS: A.B. French; Edwin A. Price (1900, 1903); William Smiley Towboat Company (1901); Clark Brothers; A.A. Farris; W.P. McNair
  • OTHER INFORMATION: Ways - T1761; Built by a Captain Stewart and named for his wife. Early on, the boat became a showboat fixture. In the fall of 1901, her hull was widened at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. She was sold, along with the showboat New Era, to W.P. McNair who ran her until 1917 when she was sold again and renamed
  • Mary Stewart (A)


Local identifier
  • Neg. 38310
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