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  • Medium-large storage basket with red-brown parallelograms arranged in diagonal bands, other simple design at rim and base. Brown, red-brown, and black on cream. Primarily plain w-strand S-twining, some 3-strand twill twining at base. Overly design.
  • Condition: Fair. Sewn repair on side. Thread used to repair cracks.


Description of Originals
  • Warp: Peeled Alnus sp. shoots (hazelnut)
  • Weft: Deciduous tree roots, Alnus sp., Salix sp. (willow), Populus sp. (cottonwood), or Pinus sp. or other conifers for watertight baskets
  • Decoration: White-Xerophyllum tenax (beargrass, basket grass), Black-Adiantum sp. (maidenhair fern)
  • 22 x 13 x 22 centimeters
Local identifier
  • 0020, 2013.0014.0020
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