Visual display of the Schaefer Pipe Organ Company

Schaefer Pipe Organ Company

  • ca. 1920
  • This is a photo of the largest and smallest pipes built by the Schaefer Organ Company in Schleisingerville. Joseph Schaefer Jr (top) is holding the pipe and Albert J. Schaefer is on the ground.
  • Bernard Schaefer, a watchmaker from Bavaria built the original factory in 1875 and made watches and jewelry. During 1890-1900 pearl buttons were made as a sideline. Three sons learned the trade from their father and as time went on they took over the organ business. Additions to the building were built in 1915,1920 and 1928. In 1929 a disastrous fire destroyed the original building and the factory was re-built. The business prospered and, in 1942, because of government restrictions, the making of all musical instruments was stopped. When the war ended and restrictions were lifted the company resumed its work of building organs. Approximately 300 organs were manufactured in Schleisingerville and the name of Schaefer Organ was well known throughout the nation.