Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum
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188 leaves : maps ; 30 cm

  1. Long range management plan: Arboretum ecological communities, 1992
  2. Introduction
  3. Overview
  4. Table of contents: Forests of southern Wisconsin
  5. Size and forest type for southern forest units
  6. Map showing location of southern forest units
  7. General description of southern forest types
  8. Grady Planted Oaks
  9. Grady Knolls Forest
  10. Grady Kettle Hole Forest
  11. Noe Woods
  12. Gallistel Woods
  13. Lost City Forest
  14. West and east lowland forest
  15. Table of contents: Forests of northern Wisconsin
  16. Size and forest type for northern forest units
  17. Map showing location of northern forest units
  18. General description of northern forests
  19. Northeast Grady jackpines
  20. Jackpines SE of Teal Pond
  21. Aldo Leopold Memorial Forest
  22. Evjue Pine Forest
  23. Lost City pines
  24. Wingra Woods
  25. Southeast sugar maple-pine forest
  26. Teal Pond white cedars
  27. Wingra white cedar swamp
  28. East marsh tamaracks
  29. Teal Pond tamaracks
  30. Wingra Springs tamaracks
  31. West spruce-fir forest
  32. Southeast spruce-fir forest
  33. Table of contents: Prairies and savannas
  34. Size and community type for prairie and savanna units
  35. Map showing location of prairie and savanna units
  36. General description of prairies and savannas
  37. Curtis Prairie
  38. Henry Greene Prairie
  39. Marion Dunn Prairie
  40. Wingra overlook prairie
  41. Juniper Knoll uplands
  42. Grady Knolls
  43. Southwest Grady savanna
  44. Wingra oak savanna
  45. Carver Street savanna
  46. Table of contents: Open wetlands
  47. Size and wetland type for wetland units
  48. Map showing location of open wetland units
  49. General description of open wetland types
  50. Map for Gardner Marsh (east marsh)
  51. Gardner Marsh (east marsh)
  52. Wingra Marsh and fen (west marsh)
  53. Southeast marsh
  54. Teal Pond wetlands
  55. South shore fen
  56. Redwing Marsh
  57. Bog garden