Visual display of the Right to information

Right to information

New Delhi: Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative
  • Look! The road has been stolen!
  • Every year crores of rupees is spent on the construction and maintenance of roads, schools.
  • This is no one else’s but our-your money’
  • According to government documents, all the money allotted for these has been spent – salary/remuneration of officials, commission of contractors, cement and bricks, labor….everything is written in the files but
  • The road is missing!
  • Till now, it was difficult to raise a question and get an answer
  • Whom to ask? What to ask? What will be the answer? In how many days?
  • According to the Right to Information Act 2005
  • Every citizen has a right to seek/get/acquire information from the government and the system
  • Make use of this right. Stop the theft of your school, rations and roads.
  • Publisher contact information: Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative 9, Nandigram Apartment, 52/1 Arunoday Society, Alkapuri, Vadodara-39000 Phone: 0265-2322784 ANDB-117, Sarvoday Enclave, 1st Floor, New Delhi-110017. Phone: 011-26528152/26850523

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New Delhi: Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative
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