Illustrations of the family of Psittacidae, or parrots : the greater part of them species hitherto unfigured : containing forty-two lithographic plates, drawn from life, and on stone

  • 1832
London: Published by E. Lear

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London: Published by E. Lear
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4 unnumbered leaves, 42 unnumbered leaves of plates : chiefly color illustrations ; 57 x 39 cm.
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  3. To the queen's most excellent majesty
  4. Names of subscribers
  5. List of plates
  6. Psittacus badiceps. Bay-headed parrot
  7. Plyctolophus rosaceus. Salmon-crested cockatoo
  8. Plyctolophus galeritus. Greater sulphur-crested cockatoo
  9. Plyctolophus sulphureus. Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo
  10. Plyctolophus leadbeateri. Leadbeater's cockatoo
  11. Calyptorhynchus baudinii. Baudin's cockatoo
  12. Macrocercus aracanga. Red and yellow maccaw
  13. Macrocercus ararauna. Blue and yellow maccaw
  14. Macrocercus hyacinthinus. Hyacinthine maccaw
  15. Psittacara patagonica. Patagonian parrakeet-maccaw
  16. Psittacara leptorhyncha. Long-billed parrakeet-maccaw
  17. Psittacara nana. Dwarf parrakeet maccaw
  18. Nanodes undulatus. Undulated parrakeet
  19. Platycercus erythropterus. Crimson-winged parrakeet
  20. Platycercus erythropterus. Crimson-winged parrakeet
  21. Platycercus tabuensis. Tabuan parrakeet
  22. Platycercus baueri. Bauer's parrakeet
  23. Platycercus barnardi. Barnard's parrakeet
  24. Platycercus palliceps. Paleheaded parrakeet
  25. Platycercus brownii. Brown's parrakeet
  26. Platycercus pileatus. Red-capped parrakeet
  27. Platycercus pileatus. Red-capped parrakeet
  28. Platycercus stanleyii. Stanley parrakeet
  29. Platycercus stanleyii. Stanley parrakeet
  30. Platycercus unicolor. Uniform parrakeet
  31. Platycercus pacificus. Pacific parrakeet
  32. Palæornis novæ-hollandiæ. New Holland parrakeet
  33. Palæornis melanura. Black-tailed parrakeet
  34. Palæornis anthopeplus. Blossom-feathered parrakeet
  35. Palæornis rosaceus. Roseate parrakeet
  36. Palæornis columboides. Pigeon parrakeet
  37. Palæornis cucullatus. Hooded parrakeet
  38. Palæornis torquatus. Roseringed parrakeet. Yellow variety
  39. Trichoglossus rubritorquis. Scarlet-collared parrakeet
  40. Trichoglossus matoni. Maton's parrakeet
  41. Trichoglossus versicolor. Variegated parrakeet
  42. Lorius domicella. Black-capped lory
  43. Psittacula kuhlii. Kuhl's parrakeet
  44. Psittacula taranta. Abyssinian parrakeet
  45. Psittacula torquata. Collared parrakeet
  46. Psittacula rubrifrons. Red-fronted parrakeet
  47. Psittacula swinderniana. Swindern's parrakeet
  48. [Cover]